Monday, 26 August 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend

What have I been up to over the long weekend? There are two things of possible interest.

First I attempted to play a napoleonic game using a 'hybrid' set of rules, based on two sets keeping the bits I like and discarding those I don't. Unfortunately this was not a great success and some of the results just did not feel right. So I think its back to the drawing board with these ideas; you don't know that though until you try.

Second, we went to a Flodden re-enactment event at Framlingham Castle in Suffolk. (Framlingham is a good choice as it has a connection in that it was owned by the Howard family, which included Thomas Howard, the victor of Flodden). This was not an actual re-enactment of the battle but a 'living history' event with talks about the battle and tudor life in general, story telling, weapons displays etc. I found it very interesting and will be talking more about Flodden in another post in the near future, I hope.

Framlingham Castle - Outside

Inside - Living history

The Earl of Surrey talks about Flodden Field

I did manage to get a few decent pictures on the napoleonic game which are here:

French Columns attack the British line
Fierce Fighting in the Woods
French Dragoons bounce off a square

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Chain of Command: First Impressions

The new Too Fat Lardies skirmish rules, designed for WWII are released today and my copy dropped through my letterbox this morning. In my previous post I said I would be using these for VBCW, so I thought I would put up a couple of not-very-serious comments, though the 'voices' of some of my big men:

I did promise previously to post a couple of photos of my big men figures. I didn't manage it before I went
on holiday, so here they are now:

Anglican Leaders
BUF Leaders
I decided give the senior leaders a hexagonal base to help distinguish them from the junior leaders with round bases. I am particularly pleased with the BUF officer in his red coat.