Tuesday, 30 July 2013

VBCW with Chain of Command

The world of Lard, is waiting with baited breath for the release the release of Chain of Command; Too Fat Lardies new rules for WWII Combat at Platoon Level (now available for pre-order from the TFL website).

Like many other people I am looking forward eagerly to this release and I have been preparing figures for it. However, rather than painting up WWII figures, I thought I would have a go a A Very British Civil War (1938)- the alternative history where the UK descends into chaos after Edward VIII refuses to abdicate. (You can find out more about VBCW here).

I have been interested in VBCW ever since I first came across it and it has been on my wish list of projects to do (originally I was thinking of using TFL's Mud & Blood supplement). The publication of Chain of Command gave me an excuse to think about it again. I am confident that CoC can be adapted to this very easily and one platoon of figures on each side really isn't very many, even for me to paint.

I am planning, initially to play with a mixture of uniformed militia and irregulars for both the Anglican League and the BUF. As things progress I hope to add some regulars and some support elements (Rolls Royce armoured car perhaps). I have been painting up Peter Pig 15mm Spanish Civil War for this; basically using nationalists for the BUF and assault guards for the Anglicans. I'm getting on pretty well with the figures, but it will be a while yet before I have the terrain sorted out. Here are a couple of pictures of the figures I have based up. I hope to put up a couple more of my big men soon when they are based up.

BUF Rifle and Lewis Gun Teams

Anglican Rifles


  1. VBCW does look interesting. I've ordered a couple of books, although there's an excessive number of factions. JGD.