Sunday, 13 April 2014

Salute 2014

Along with a very high proportion of those in the hobby in the South of England I was at Excel yesterday at the UK's largest wargames show, Salute. It's been a while since I posted for various reasons but I thought it worthwhile me putting something down on this and hopefully it won't be too long before I get something else done.

I thought the show was pretty quiet when I first arrived about 10:30 (using a pre-paid ticket to by-pass the queue) but it soon warmed up and overall I thought it was as busy as I had ever seen it. Generally I enjoyed the show. I spent a lot of time shopping, mostly to a fairly targeted list which I had thought about in advance. I ended up lugging round a good deal of stuff; it wasn't really a great idea to buy some pretty bulky hills first! My purchases ranged from couple of small plastic sangars and roadblocks, via pre-ordered figures for VBCW from Peter Pig and napoleonics from Fighting 15s (plus a few extras from Essex) through to the 4Ground farm complex. Should keep me busy for a while:

I had a good look round the show trying to see as many games as possible and dropped by to see people I know where I could. Hence I didn't have time to play any games. Here are a few of the games which took my eye one way or another:

SL Warlords Battle of Pelennor Field
using 75mm Armies of Middle Earth models

Too Fat Lardies: Chain of Command
Passing Le Port - much more about this here

Team Lard met up at 12:00
Photo by Roger Bell_Well  & Courtesy of Trouble at T'Mill
Tin Soldiers of Antwerp
Antwerp 1914
War & Conquest - the 300 at Thermopylae

A Pressing Engagement (Normandy) - Jersey Privateers
This detail from the above appealed to me
Wigmore Warriors gave us two games
One from 1914, the beginning of WW1...

.. . and one from 1918
Part of a massive D-Day game: the biggest thing I saw
Japanese steampunk: I think. Looks fun
The Peterborough club's: 'Dead's Army'
Home Guard vs SS zombies
Wyvern Wargames - Battle of Mons 1914 using Kallistra terrain, figures & rules
Race for the Sea: another 1914 game, (this time with Mud & Blood rules)
South East Essex Military Society - I think
Prussian Uhlans from the above

Loughton Strike Force - Kursk 1943
Another massive game but with great detail:
I loved the sunflowers
From one corner of the 4 Ground stand - Normandy 1944 ...
... to the other side: their upcoming range of 'fantasy buildings
I'm safe, I don't do 28mm!! They do look superb though

But Somehow I managed to miss this! People were simply calling it the hill:

Looking forward to next year already.


  1. Nice photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I also got there at 10.30 but without a ticket, having somehow got the idea that the show had opened at 9 rather than 10. Got in about twenty minutes later.

    That huge D-Day game was very impressive, but somehow I too managed not to spot The Hill. has my thoughts on the day. Games that aren't infantry seem to be getting rarer and rarer.

  3. Great pics, looking at yours and other bloggers posts it seems I missed quite a few games as well!

  4. Hi Tim, thanks for the nice comment about our table. For info, Warlords had a little mix up with our table name / theatre and published it as the D-Day dodgers / Italy. We actually brought "A pressing engagement" which was set in a Normandy. Apparently we missed the print deadline with our change! Thanks for the shout again.

    1. Many thanks for pointing that out. Now fixed. Tim

  5. Wow, what an impressive show. The closest we get to that in New Zealand is, well, nowhere near close to that! Thanks for letting us attend vicariously :-)