Monday, 25 May 2015


Ages since I last posted; real life has once again rather intervened...

You might recall from my last post on General Bonaparte's Chain of Command, that I don't actually have any Austrians (looks shame-faced). However, in anticipation of a game next weekend, I have at least been painting up a few: some Austrian command, artillery and a few skirmishers. The main line infantry & cavalry forces will have to wait a while yet, but at least they will remind us who we are supposed to be playing...

Austrian command: Divisional commander and ADC in the center, brigade commanders on the left and regimental commanders on the right.

                    Artillery battery 
               Grenzers skirmishing

Jagers - actually these are Brunwsicker avantgarde but they are so similar to Austrain jagers that in 15mm, I really can't tell the difference.

Houses in the background are newly painted 'Hovels' from their Spanish range (courtesy of my wife) which we will be using as Italian next weekend.

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  1. Nice looking minis, I especially like the command stands and the Grenzers...