Tuesday, 25 August 2015

GBCoC in the Peninsular

This weekend we played a Peninsular game based on a General de Brigade Vimiero scenario. Coincidentally we were almost on the anniversary of the battle (20 August 1808). Derek took the British while Marcus & John teamed up as the French (most unfair). This was an 'interesting scenario which did not exactly turn out as expected but was fun nevertheless.

Here we see Fane's Brigade deployed on Vimiero hill. They chose to deploy on the forward rather than the reverse slope. (Conveniently saving me from having to work out how to adjudicate the reverse slope). Anstruther's brigade would deploy further over to the right (out of shot).

And here we see a view from the other side with British artillery in the foreground and Vimiero village in the background.

The French deployed Charlot in the centre and Thomiere's brigade (pictured above) on their extreme right flank beyond the woods. This made the game all the more interesting and it turned out to be a smart move.

Here we see the main French force: Charlot and some distance behind them in the background the French Grenadiers. The French did not have enough command dice to activate them initially so, very reasonably they stayed in reserve.

Charlot here has advanced. There is actually nothing much on the ridge in front of them. Fane's brigade have come forward off the hill to try to outflank the French (which looked as though it might work for a while).

A little later and the riflemen wheeled round to fire on the French flank. The shock is starting to amount on the further of the two battalions.

Meanwhile on the British right, Anstruther's brigade is outnumbered as two of Charlot's battalions swung across to link up with Thomieres. Anstruther was not though giving up without a fight; two of his battalions the 52nd and 43rd were elite.

The Swiss however elite too and they broke the 9th, (though they were themselves ultimately broken by the 52nd).

Things begin to get desperate on the right as as the flank of the 43rd is now threatened.

In the centre the French played their masterstroke, using 'En Avant' to bring their two battalions of grenadiers into play against the 60th rifles. With effective support from their artillery, the riflemen were soon defeated.

The 50th Regt who had been in support now faced the grenadiers. They did not though wait for the French to close but withdrew under the weight of artillery fire and musketry from the French.

At this point we called the game as it was clear that the French had a clear victory. The British had some reinforcements approaching Vimiero village but the command dice were such that they never got into the action. We reckon they withdrew when they saw what had happened. All in all a good game. The first time I've used the British in GBCoC, And yes this scenario was entirely cavalry free!

Finally many thanks to John for these custom dice which I intend to use to show the accumulation of 'special 5' points.


  1. What do you think would have been better tactics for the British? It feels as if staying on the hill and making the French attack up the slope at them should be better, but GBCoC doesn't actually give any bonuses or penalties for that.

    1. I think that British were spread very thin here mainly because the French used that flank attack. Not sure I have a good answer to that. On the reverse slope, its been suggested that it should protect you from artillery entirely which makes it worthwhile.

    2. As one of the French players, I wanted to stay away from the village because it looked too much like the obvious thing to do. I was also worried that it would take a long time to move units that far. Staying away from it turned out well.