Friday, 31 May 2013

4Ground Half-Timbered Buildings

First, CONGRATS to Mike at Trouble At T'Mill on reaching an awesome 100,000 views. He's been running a series of giveaways this week including an particularly excellent one today for Too Fat Lardies rules (you know you want to enter).

When I was Salute last month (just), I invested in three of the new timber-framed laser-cut 15mm buildings from  4Ground. As I was putting the last one together, it occurred to me to take some pictures; I was very impressed with how easily they go together and how good they look. Unfortunately I did not take enough pictures initially, so I had to get hold of another one to get a couple of initial shots and that has taken me a little while.

So here are some photos of putting together their 15mm Timber Frame Dwelling (ECW2)

Here are all of the components of the kit laid out. You can see there are quite a few; the timber frame dwelling is the most complex of the three buildings in the 'ECW' range. The pieces go together very easily and bonded well with PVA with a minimum of fuss.

Here you can see how the building assembles from a series of boxes, one for each floor. Each box has a double layer thickness for the walls; the inner wall sections provide the window frames, giving a recessed look and add to the strength.

 The roof just slides onto the top of the box for the upper floor/loft. It fits very snugly.

Here is the final assembled building. I finished it off by painting in the the 'lugs' which show through in the roof  (both in the main roof section and on the ridge line) to match the rest of the roof. Normally, I'm not keen on painting buildings (I avoid it if at all possible) so this is excellent

Here are the empty sprues of the kit; showing it has all gone into making the kit.

And finally, the range of all three half-timbered buildings as assembled. Although labelled 'ECW' I think they are good for later eras such as the Napoleonic wars; a group of French infantry marches into town just to prove it.

... I will have to do some of their dark age buildings next to use with Dux Brit.

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