Sunday, 9 June 2013

Operation Market Larden

I was fortunate  yesterday to be able to attend a Lardy Games Day in Evesham organised by the Wyvern Wargamers. This was my first such event and it was an excellent day with about 40 people attending. The central location meant that people were able to come from a wide area; its not often I get to game with people from Torquay, Nottingham or Wales. Richard Clarke's upcoming Chain of Command WWII rules were being showcased and, it wasn't exactly surprising that they were very popular. In all there were a total of eight tables with games played on them, including a couple of 'Lard-Approved' games. I'm putting in at least one picture of each table below.

I had a chance to play both Dux Britanniarum and Chain of Command, both of which I very much enjoyed. All of the games were played in an excellent spirit and there was a really great atmosphere. Afterwards many people repaired to a nearby hotel bar and then a curry; an excellent and memorable end to the day.

My thanks to all at Wyvern who organised the event. I very much hope to go back again if there is another such day and would heartily recommend this kind of event to anyone else with a keen interest in the Too Fat Lardies games.

Rich's Chain of Command

IABSM - Normandy 1944 (I think)

Classic Sharp Practice in the Peninsular

I Ain't Been Nuked Mum
(modern IABSM)

Mud & Blood
Russo Japanese War
Dux Britanniarum
Tin Star - Wild West 
Diesel Punk Air Combat

Refreshments in the Tea Break

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  1. Tim so glad you could make it. Just need to start to plan for next years now.