Saturday, 15 June 2013

LFS: The Battle of Lardois

This is an AAR of a battle I played a little while ago using TFL's Le Feu Sacre napoleonic rules which are intended for use at corps level. The standard 'starter' scenario for LFS is known as the Battle of Larden (see here) and uses French and Prussian troops; both sides have two infantry divisions, a cavalry division and an artillery reserve. I adapted this to use my Anglo-Allied troops instead of Prussians, with one division of British/Hanoverians under Picton and one of Dutch-Belgians (and Brunswickers) under Perponcher.

The French move into Petit Lardois as the British approach Grand Lardois
The game began with both sides arriving on blinds, at one blind per turn (my blinds are too small, I know). The French headed for Petit Lardois and the British for Grand Lardois (the 4ground buildings). The objective for both sides was to take both villages.

French attack on Windmill hill

In fact there was a pretty abysmal series of spotting rolls initially which meant that both sides ended up pretty up close and personal before any figures appeared on the table. The French managed to seize the initiative with concerted attacks on Perponcher's command (which was caught semi-deployed) and their cavalry threatened the allied centre; although the Black Watch formed square they took a terrible pounding from close range French artillery and then were swept away when the cavalry did charge.
French cavalry sweep away the Allied centre
The British position was saved only by the arrival of their own cavalry which, being fresher than the French, was able to drive them back though not with huge effect (in LFS cavalry vs cavalry combats tend not to be very decisive). In fact this was really the only success that the Allies enjoyed.
British cavalry to the rescue
Although the French were initially repulsed from the windmill hill by the Brunswickers, a second wave of assault succeeded in taking the hill. Meanwhile on the far side of Grand Lardois the second French Division moved into the attack against the remnants of Picton's Division, which was spread far too thin and was demoralised by more artillery fire. The British, though supported by Hanoverians, were overwhelmed and the Hanoverians being brittle troops fled without fighting.
French attack flanking Grand Lardois
With very few infantry units left in good morale, I decided that the Allied were beaten and would withdraw, though their cavalry were still in good shape and could cover the withdrawal. All in all this was a bad day for the Duke and clearly a victory for the French.

Final position - a bad day for the Duke
While I enjoyed the game a lot, with hindsight I did bite off a bit more than I could chew here for a solo game. With about 20 units per side, and never being the quickest of players, I found it quite hard work. Next time I play I may be less ambitious and will downsize a little but they are definitely fun rules:


  1. A very fine looking table and battle. I take it you had a good experience with LFS?

  2. Thank you. Yes I did have a good experience and would recommend it.