Saturday, 17 May 2014

Chain of Command - A belated report

As I am about to run another game of VBCW Chain of Command today, I thought I really ought to put up at least a short post on the last game I did.

This was a solo effort using the attack/defend scenario. In this case a platoon of BUF were attacking with the support of a Mk VI light tank and a Vickers MMG  (which sounds pretty strong) against a platoon of Anglican League supported with a 25mm "1pdr" AT gun.

In truth it wasn't  a great game and the attack was a miserable failure (serves those fascists right, doesn't ?). I think I made the mistake of trying to attack piecemeal over too broad a front rather than concentrating effectively.

Here are  few pics taken with my i-Pad. I've been using this increasingly for taking my gaming photos. (I used it for the shots of Salute for instance.) I have been finding it easier somehow to get in close than with my D-SLR.

The BUF confidently advance with the support of their Mk VI...

...and are opposed by a section of Anglicans

Oh look an AT gun just deployed!
A near miss causes the tank's driver to panic

On the other flank another Anglican section catches their opponents in the open

The tank goes around the building to avoid the AT gun.
When the gunners re-align their piece... it misses!

A final section of BUF assault one of the buildings. They succeed but are then wiped out by the guys waiting to ambush them on the other side.

At this point I gave up. Although the BUF still had their tank and an MMG (which had been largely ineffective) all three of their sections were pretty much out of action.

Let's hope today's game turns out to be more even.


  1. Great AAR, and good to see CofC used for AVBCW. I like the hoardings on the sides of the houses.

    1. Many for that. I really enjoyed doing those little posters. The Bulls one is from a real moral still up in Cambridge.

  2. Great AAR, I have been thinking about CoC for my own collection, this might just be the push I needed.

    1. Go for it. I think that CoC works really well for VBCW

  3. great AAR! COC works quite well for VBCW. The trick is coming up with historically accurate army lists for a non-historical genre!

    1. Thanks. I have tended to start from the British 1940 early war list & embellish a bit from there. I quite like not being too tied down by it though.

  4. Well, we played again yesterday and it was a cracking game. I will post an AAR if I ever get any time, but you might like to see this report on Roger's blog: