Sunday, 11 May 2014


Just a short post and not very related to wargaming...

We have been clearing out our garage and garden store (which serves as our loft as our cottage doesn't really have one). In the course of this some unexpected items turned up which I rescued. Here are a couple which I thought might interest some of my readers (assuming there are any out there):

Jomsborg was a society at university which held discussion meetings on works of fantasy literature and had more than its fair share of role-payers such as myself. 1987 was the year that Jackie, my future wife, was the chairperson (Reeve) and I took the minutes of the meetings (Runecaster)

This is a map of part of the world, Lalande, where my first FRP campaign was set. The world is still actively used (not by me but by others). This version of the map was in fact drawn back in 1984 by a well-known blogger...

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