Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Waterloo 2015: Allied Bivouac

After looking around the French bivouac on Friday, we spent time in the Allied one on Saturday. There  was less drilling going on here and the atmosphere here seemed a bit less hectic; perhaps that's because they had done the battle once...

The first few pictures are from a remembrance parade, including a very heartfelt two minutes silence which we came across. A very impressive display.

I confess the guys in blue & yellow are a bit of a mystery to me ...

You get some sense of how big the encampment was in this pic and the next one.

Cavalry in informal conference

Horse stabling (Prussian)

On Parade - a brigade in line

This soldier was commended for his bravery as they formed square the previous night.

formed in column to leave the parade

Brunswick artillery

Guarding the general's tent

Prussians marching into town


Wellington is entertained to lunch by Blucher

Table service for the generals

Prussian council of war

An Austrian interloper!
The only cannonballs I saw - made of chocolate  

More pictures soon of the battle itself...

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