Friday, 26 June 2015

Waterloo 2015: The Battle

To finish off my review of Waterloo 2015, here are some pictures of the actual re-enactment of the Battle. You can get an idea from the first picture of how big the 'arena' was. There were over 5,000 re-enactors and it was big enough to give an authentic feel of confusion.  It wasn't easy to really follow what was happening and there was quite a lot of smoke; I understand there was even more smoke the next night as there was very little wind then.

Mostly of these were taken with my telephoto lens, but even so the action still looks quite 'far-away'. I will no try to give a narrative; it did not follow the historic battle exactly. From where we were sitting could you see any not Prussians (or  French starting positions or artillery). 

It was though pretty epic; not something I will forget in hurry. Enjoy...

No doubt you will have spotted the stunt La Haye Sainte and Hougomont but just for good measure here are a couple of photos of the real ones and one of the Lion Mound at night (after the end of the re-enactment).

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