Sunday, 6 March 2016

Battle of Cropredy Bridge

Yesterday I visited the Newmarket & Ely Wargames Society (NEWS) who meet in Fordham. They were playing a large game (six people on each side) of the Battle of Cropredy Bridge, 1644 using the 'To Defy a King' rules. I went along to see what was going on and to have a chat. Very interesting as ECW is a period I am hoping to get into.

Here are a few pics of the game at quite a late stage. The Parliamentarians were probably in the stronger position on the whole.

View looking down the table from the Royalist side

Parliamentarian Foot

Infantry confrontation in the centre- Parliamentarians on the far side

Cavalry on the Royalist right - Parliamentarians were definitely winning here

Parliamentarian Right - Royalist cavalry held off at bay


  1. Remarkably grey terrain, for a battle that took place in mid-June. Did they explain why they'd used it?

    1. It is actually green felt mats. The pictures do make it look a little grey

  2. Yes I think it looks greener in the pics than it was on the table.